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Home Made Reversable Apron

I need a pattern... This is the front
and the bottom pic. is the back or other front... It's made out of fabric scaps and other things laying around so I guess it could be called a repurposed, reversable apron. Anyhow, does anyone have a real pattern or more ideas? My projects that inspire me, like the greenhouse and sewing crafts are my interpretation of my moms "You need fifty cows to milk" . If you don't know what that means ask her. :]

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  1. That is adorable. I pretty well don't like aprons but I bet I'd wear one of those. It's not frumpy and all enveloping for once!! Go Mom!!

  2. I had a nice comment about why would one need 50 cows to milk if one could do this? But it went away.... I like your apron. But it would just be for pretty hanging on a hook in my kitchen. My waist is no more.....


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