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Canuck Pass...It was beautiful! We went camping this week Thurs. and Fri. Just our little family and of course the dog. I was on a mission for huckleberries but didn't find them. We made some good family memories though; and that of course is far more important than huckleberries.

Laife getting more experience driving the four-wheeler...

The Mom and Dad of the operation...

The wonderful camper Bruce bought and fixed up for us to use...
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  1. Makes me ill to think we haven't even gone camping even once this year. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Poor snoopy thinks he's part human posing so nicely to the side there.

  2. Hey Shilah, That looks just like what we used to do on Elv's job. We camped in a popup for a while then a travel trailer and tents. Loved it and we made tons of memories.


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