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We're Home...

Yes, we're home from our four day vacation over to Oregon and back. How good it feels to say "We're Home!" A lot of the trip there and back on the road made me think of living out life in a Godly manner. The road with its bumps, curves, hills, and construction. The view along the Columbia River and Mount Hood. The good and bad; the beautiful and the drab mile after mile.

I was impressed with the way Lora and Rawlin work together to get the job done whatever it is. Lora is my hero in the way she joins her man in life. I could learn a lesson or two from her. It was encouraging to be with family that sees each others faults but is accepting and encouraging in spite of what we aren't. Isn't that just like God? I also bumped into that verse written above... We are given everything we need by His divine power to live out our Godly lives through our knowledge of Him... We WILL overcome on this journey called life...Together... Encouraging...Growing in His knowledge...God is good!


  1. Glad you're home safe....glad you're feeling encouraged....I like your verse!

  2. Can't wait until it's our turn to go west! We're kind of planning on Oct. 7/8 and staying the next week until we leave for the coast.

  3. Kari, we are looking forward to your visit and however long you can stay is great with us. I wonder if we will leave for the coast at the same time? Our munchkims are gonna be so happy...


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