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Under The Sun...


I love the colors of these white shelves and bright dishes...




A neat idea for a bathroom...

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And of course, coffee with a friend...

This is one of my favorite places in the area. Yesterday Joanna and I finally went into town for some girl time. Joanna has been here for around two weeks. We're taking her back to Oregon early tomorrow. We plan to be gone for the weekend. Anyhow, back to "Under the Sun"... It's the place you want to take all your girlfriends for coffee and for browsing the dishes and decor. I could spend two hours in there easily. After a visit to this place I have no trouble believing that I could enjoy heaven for all of eternity if it is filled with anything as fine as I find at this store.{I have a sneaking suspicion heaven is going to be a whole lot better.}


  1. Someday I'm going to go there with you for a good rich nasty bad coffee. But I really wish they wouldn't have that horrible insence smell in there. It gives me a headache. The store is lots of fun to dream in though. And they sell wonderful chocolates!!!

  2. Melinda and I used to go there for coffee after school now and then. It really is a cute store.

  3. that's one store i hope to visit soon! :-)


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