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One of My Secrets....


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I love to clean... I have many friends that think I'm lying when I say this but it is true. Sorta. I love to walk into my house and smell good smells like clean laundry and candles. The truth is, I love to surface clean. I'm not so good at keeping drawers, cupboards, and closets clean. That's my secret.

When I prepare to go on a trip I have morbid thoughts about suddenly be killed in an accident and family members going through the piles that reside in all my hidden places. I blush just thinking about it. Most the time I shove that thought into the corner like I do my piles of stuff.

Once, when we were trying to sell one of our homes, a family from church wanted to do a walk through of our trailer. As is expected, the lady was walking through opening and closing closets and cupboards to see how much space was available. As she reached for the knob on the very, tiny closet in the hallway; I'm sure I yelped in pain because I knew what all was going to come flying out on the floor as soon as the door was opened. I was NOT disappointed... There was a small avalanche of sewing projects all over everywhere. I had a method for that closet. It was closing it gently with an arm in rearranging as I went and then at the last minute I could pull my arm out and SLAM! There, Shut.

So, last week I tackled my closet. Finally. When we came back from Chile, I sorta threw everything into temporary places for the time being. Sad to say, my closet stayed that way for over a year. If you think the improvement doesn't look like much it's because I'm not a good photographer and my camera is not that great. Believe me, it's improved...

I hope my style of cleaning isn't any indication of the shape of my heart. I thought maybe I could draw some parallels... Anyway, He's still working on me too. Piles of junk and all.


  1. Oh Shilah, I do believe I have closets that look much worse than your "before" picture! Yuck, it gets a little depressing, all that STUFF!

  2. Your before picture makes my spaces look terrible. I think I'll put you in my will to be the one to open and to go through my private closets and dressers drawers. I have the same morbid thought processes when I go on a trip. I did go through things before hip surgery just in case the kids had to do the moving, because our house was on the market just then.
    Jenn, you need to be heartless and just ruthlessly get rid of what you don't use or wear anymore. That dear old dress really isn't wearable long has it been?! That's what I have to do now and then to get space for what I really do use and wear.


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