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Good Coffee and Friends...




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On Sunday, we went over to Newport to visit our outreach church and to see Hans and Jo Anna, longtime friends. Most of our Bible study group ended up going as well. After church Hans and Jo invite our family and Danny Rawson family to their house for coffee and visit.

Hans and Jo are the perfect host and hostess. They live cozy and drink coffee. Jo has a knack for decorating that is fun to browse. I love walking through the rooms and taking in the sights. Hans had a roaring fire going in the fireplace; while Jo served coffee in the "darlingest", little cups.{I want them for myself}. The nine kiddies played thoroughly and thrashed the boys room. I hope it didn't take Jo too long to fix up. There is nothing like a couple hours of good coffee and good friends to feel encouraged and loved.


  1. This is so not right!!! Looks like a wonderful time invite me!


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