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Finds and thoughts...


I found this at the thrift store for .99 cents. What kind of craft is this? I know its glitsy and a bit garish but something about the colors I love. it's really growing on me too.


The same day I found this tiered plate thingy... Whats the proper name? It's robin, egg, blue with chocolate speckles. It was only $2.99 and the tag said it was vintage. I really doubt the vintage part for that price. Bruce says he's building me a smaller house next time if I don't stop buying frivolous things. {sometime ask him about all his frivolous things}

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And just for the fun I put my chickens all together... How much pleasure should a person get out of things? We have close friends going through a very difficult time with the loss of a job and a baby on the way. We also have a sibling that is going through a dysfunctional family time. Lots of heartaches... The heart is heavy with the burden of it all. We pray and sympathize and help as we can. The things that bring pleasure aren't sometimes all that deep but it adds color to our lives and keeps us saying "Thank you God, for this small pleasure..." God is good all the time... So, my question.... Is it OK to enjoy the things that usually interest us, like our hobbies and life's simple pleasures when others around us are suffering?


  1. Yeah I was pondering the same thing this morning. I think it's ok to have our hobbies and enjoy them, but where is the balance? I mean, the money I spend on my hobby could (insert pious tone here) "help feed a poor starving someone..." Sigh. Is that a guilt trip I let myself go on?

  2. I think these are good things to God Praise through our lives. I love your little garden too. It looks more my size. And you should see my chickens! I keep them in two different places!!! :)

  3. Shilah That is soo funny i was at the thrift store on thursday and almost bought that tiered plate I kept thinking about it over the week-end and actually went back for it today and it was gone, and here i find it on your blog.:):)

  4. Wow! I actually beat you to something thriftstore wise. Impressive! I feel kinda proud right now...

  5. Very nice, Shilah. Did you show the plate to Mom yet? She might recognize it, too. Is Mom vintage yet? I like your wee garden, and fish pond. How lovely. So what happens to the fish in winter? Yup, we gotta keep happy with the little pleasures in life that God gives us. I think these are tiny glimpses of the happiness in heaven. I think Evie and Kristi will agree.


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