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When Matt and Amy were here, Amy, April, and myself took our youngest with us for a fun day of shopping in Sandpoint. We had our hands full and got very little out of our eating out experience but the kiddoes got to know each other. Olivia decided she did not like Keagan, Shaunti tried bossing the whole thing, and little "Mima" just tried to cope.


  1. That's funny. You can just Liv staying far away from Keagan. :)

  2. Oops, Amy Lou is Arla, sorry about that.

  3. And just in case anybody wonders....Keagan really is a nice sort of guy....he only bugs people who give out a nice reaction to his teasing!!! For the most part he's a softy. Really....:) Thanks for the fun post and nice collage. I'd love to have some of those pics from that day....

  4. Amen, Keagan is a sweetheart. He really only had to look at Livey and that was enough. I think they are both awful cute...Shilah


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