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Thoughts about Age and Wisdom

It's my mom's birthday. I think about age a lot lately. My parents are extremely blessed with good health even though they are in their seventies. I am extremely blessed to have them in the same community. I know this, yet it seems I don't spend near enough time with them.

Or maybe I do. I was home most the week just doing what moms do. I could go over to my parents house every day and check on them, they live only about five minutes from my house...I kept thinking these nagging guilty thoughts that I am a crummy daughter for not being there more.

Then I thought how wonderful it is to be current with them no matter what. And that I am current with them even when I'm staying home. I know them and they know me. Even knowing they are of the age that our times together could be numbered, to be on their couch every day checking their pulses would be unhealthy for all of us.

Meanwhile I'm thankful they're still around. It's really nice to have someone who has gone before you to tell you how they did things at the age you are now and for them to say, "I don't remember" when you ask how they got through. That sorta cinches things perfectly. After all, if they can't remember how they got through their forties with all the hats they more than likely had to wear, then what ever drama I think I'm living through must not be that bad if they can't even remember it.

Perspective is everything as they say. My mom's anecdote for post partum blues: "Aach, you just need fifty cows to milk." Turns out she was wrong... what I really needed in those years was a few hours of sleep...but the underlying wisdom was stop thinking about yourself and do what you gotta do.