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Seek Pray Rest

Recently while traveling through Montana we stopped at a rest area and happened to witness an older lady trip and fall backward on the concrete. Just minutes before, she had cheerily greeted me and we made conversation about the lovely day. I noticed then her shuffling walk and swollen ankles and almost asked her if I could take the garbage to the bin she was obviously headed for, but didn't because she seemed of an independent nature and if our roles had been reversed I would have wanted that respect.

While I was in the restroom, I heard a cry of pain and instantly knew she had gone down. Thankfully, Bruce was by her side in seconds and also her retired nurse husband, so she was in good hands. Getting her off the ground was not easy but between the expertise of her husband's experience and Bruce's they soon had her up on her feet.

However, something was not right because she felt she couldn't walk or move forward. She kept going forward toward the ground. Eventually between the three of us helping her walk she made it back into the car, where at that point it seemed her husband was making the decision to take her to the nearest hospital to see what was going on with her mobility.

As we continued on down the road I asked Bruce why he kept telling her to "Look up" and "Focus on a point in front of you"... it seemed her task was difficult enough just trying to move her legs. 

Bruce's answer was of course also based on his training, which he pish- poshed when I mentioned it...he said it was mostly common sense. "People will always go toward what they are focusing on. If you are looking at your feet, you will most likely trip and go toward the ground."

OK. so maybe that is good common sense but it is also super fitting advice for me in my spiritual walk toward Jesus. What is my focus when my troubles become too big? When I am overwhelmed with doing and serving and keeping up, those things only get bigger and worse without a proper 'looking up'.

Ways I Look Up:

Find at least one Bible verse a day that fits...Wear it. Use it. Apply it.

Pray hard. This takes the focus off me and turns the battle over to God. He does battle for you if you stop striving.

Rest easy. Let faith that God is doing what He deems on your behalf is perfect and best.