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Bahia Part Two

 I left you with the dolphins. And I do realize the first part sounded pretty dreamy. Had you been there though, ending up on the rocks with a hole in your boat...that isn't exactly a dream. The threat of not staying anchored because of high winds and sun blistered arms, legs, and lips was not pleasant either. Another reason we were done, some of our family cannot take the bugs. I was doing pretty well with everything but the not staying anchored part. Because of that, I wasn't sleeping much. My duties on the boat change little from what I do at home. There is still food, laundry, and cleaning to keep up with all on a tiny little space. So not a relaxed mama...

Not a full ten minutes later we met with an amazing amount of wind coming across the water towards us. You could literally see the line across the water of calm water and whitecaps. This was directly in  our route into Bahia and there was no avoiding it. Thankfully, the sails were put away and we quickly deflated and brought in the paddle board. The problem with so much wind was how were we to safely anchor near the dock without being blown into shore. You can only tie to the dock temporarily because it is a loading dock and in full time use as Bahia is a fishing village. As we headed toward town we were all in agreement to finding a hotel with air conditioning, WiFi, and running water. And because we needed to pull the boat out of the water anyway(because of safety issues) we decided to go through the work of taking down the mast and trailer-ing it for travel.

This always takes about two hours after days of sailing. It's hard and detailed work but is a convenient way to be able to sail affordably. We make a pretty good team with setting up and putting down. If anything, sailing has taught our family teamwork and flexibility. All good sailors know that plans can change at any time. To be flexible is key. 

So we decided to bring the boat in and explore the town for a few days. Toria was growing more and more excited about being home in time for the youth camp out and doing a summer job. Shaunti was getting restless with lack of activity and too much sun. Bruce was just plain miserable with horrible sun blisters on his lips and a skin rash from the sun and terrible insect bites. I was just exhausted. Here I had been searching for rest for the last month and once we finally get away I'm working harder than ever and not sleeping. We all agreed vacation should be fun and less miserable. 

                                                         Yummy Margarita!

That evening after checking into the hotel and showering and feeling a whole lot better...we ate at Guillermo's, a famous restaurant by the boat dock...also the same place that kept our vehicle and trailer safe while we were out.

                                              Whale bones outside the restaurant...

                                          The only actual sandy beach we experienced.

The next morning we toured the town in true fashion. We visited the church, museum, and Gringo Beach. We attempted to see the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center but were not able to get in. We visited their biggest grocery store and drove all the back streets which were dirt and bumpy. All water is brought into Bahia and we were able to see the city area where they treat and store the water. For lunch we enjoyed fish tacos off the street.

                                                                     City Center

                                                              The Church

                                             Gringo Beach...No sand...

                                            And so much cacti...always...