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The Ground We Tread and How We Do It

It is not supposed to be a dog eat dog world in a Christian's point of view...and no...we do not eat our young as the phrases go. But is this our reality?

I looked up both those phrases with Wikipedia and was sorry to see that even we, good church going Bible believing people are guilty of both attitudes towards our brothers or sisters from time to time.

Most often it happens innocently. We expect that if someone can afford to build a house, they can easily help with hot lunch for the school on any given day. We assume if they can afford to adopt, they can surely afford to help remodel the kitchen of the church building. Also we assume "if I can do it, they can do it"...Which has not one ounce of compassion in it.  

We watch how others are spending their time and money and then judge how things are for them. We forget to stop and think that perhaps there is more than meets the eye. We forget we are not able to know all, that we simply cannot look into the hearts and soul of men. I think we try to mentally balance each other's checkbooks with that kind of thinking.

I'm filling out report cards for my students for the final time this school year and discovering once more how very diverse and wonderful each child is. How they all excel at something yet don't give a rip. They don't judge or be disappointed in the classmate who is unlike them or does not have their ability. They don't count failures. Nothing is a failure.

I have witnessed grown up people being less interested in someone who is mediocre and laid back. It is almost like they label the ones they do not understand as generic. Why is it that the person less colorful and vibrant gets missed? Why do we not see the struggling, quiet ones more accurately? What is this pecking order of importance that comes in holding certain offices and in having a louder voice of wisdom? What part of this is more godly?

Jesus is the Gentle Shepherd that knows how to throw merchandise out of churches. He doesn't want us to sell our wares(or gifts) in His house of worship. He wants us to be quiet and surrendered. He wants us to say words for Him boldly without any amount self glory. He wants us to discover His truth and to live it peaceably. He wants us to be kind and gracious towards each other. He wants us to look out for the needs of others; to stop and think what that other person who-looks-fine-but-won't-ask, might be going through. 

Nowhere are we encouraged to grow impatient and irritable towards each other. We aren't told to argue and bicker about what true spirituality is. We aren't given the right to think "Suck it up Buttercup". No...we are told to be compassionate and long suffering to those we are tired of bailing out...or whatever. Instead He gives us humility and service. Why are we careful how much we give of these? 

I'm not suggesting we be obtrusive. But I think if we open our eyes, quite often someone standing next to us needs a word of encouragement or a prayer. Goodness, they might even need groceries. Let's look at our people and care. Let's think outside our own orderly little boxes and stop assuming they don't need anything. Even to be noticed is comforting to the one who is quiet and dull and untalented.

Challenge: When you walk into a room, do you steal the show? Do you dominate the conversation? Try walking in unnoticed and listen to someone else's interest. Practice thinking about how life might be for that person you think little of. Be very conscience of the fact that God is the Creator of both types. And for pity's sake, stop dominating every conversation! Underdogs matter too.