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What Did You Hear?

I am having full days lately of being misunderstood. Not that this really matters. Most of the time I'm too busy keeping up with school assignments and errant homework slips to really care if someone heard me say "rain" instead of "amazing". Which in my way of thinking doesn't really matter, unless they also encourage me to be more positive in my thinking...which they did...

And that is when I wonder if it would be better to be defensive and correct them by telling that I said the night was gonna be amazing and that I never mentioned rain at all... At this point I really don't care if they thought I was predicting rain instead of amazing evening plans. I simply do not have the energy for corrections. Let them think ill of me. Or not?

Sometimes it happens because too many people are talking at once and also not listening. I find the art of true conversation is hard to come by and that to try to teach it or attempt it myself takes too much energy. Or should this matter?

I'm sorry, Starbucks guy, for those things I said wrong the other day. I really don't think I am a hotty. I was only trying to say that I like my coffee hot after both my girls had placed cold drink orders and you wondered if I too wanted my drink cold...
*** Disclaimer... It came out wrong and there was no fixing it. So I didn't try. Should have I?

But I think after all that it does matter what we believe we hear from people; especially in the work place or church or family times. Why not try to believe something else was meant if it didn't come our right? Ask for clarification when you think you are hearing something negative or untrue. 

Don't settle for assumptions. If you have a thought or hint someone is struggling in your home, church, or workplace, dig for the truth. Don't believe everything you hear. Sometimes, look into it a little more deeply. If you care as you should, find out what is going on in the background. It might be someone is being surly because they aren't being heard. Or maybe they are in pain of some sort. Pains of the heart and body both, make us silent and poor communicators. 

And of course, the golden rule works for this concept as well...Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

How important is it to you, to be heard correctly? Does it matter? If so, why does it matter to you? 



  1. After years of aiming at good communication to avoid misunderstandings by choosing good words and living as close to grace as possible;I now submit to you that it became too important to me. It takes two and if only one cares about grace and accuracy, there will be some misunderstanding sometimes. I have to resort to grace given to cover the awkward things. And to even take grace myself from the Living River of Grace through Jesus. People are people and we really must simply cling to the coming redemption and walk humbly with each other. Nobody is perfect. Use good manners and love truly from the heart. Let the rest go. This keeps me about as busy as I can be.

    1. Yes, exactly. And finding the humor in the misunderstanding has also helped me to laugh at what really doesn't matter...let it go..

  2. Did you really tell the Starbucks guy you were a hotty?! Sorry, I know that wasn't the point of this post, but I got stuck on that. I think there's a story I'd like to hear more of! :) Love you and your thoughts and your words...

    1. What I really said was, "No, I'm a hot girl....I mean I like my coffee hot."
      This I said stammering and blushing...then I simply shut my mouth so as not to make it even worse.
      No story. The facts are usually bald enough. :)
      Except I could've thought of a million reasons why my brain wasn't functioning properly, one of which was just having come out of Kohls, shopping for unmentionables for all three ladies of this house, and feeling rather befuddled by the alarm going off at the door because the cashier forgot one of those gadgets they attach to said items.
      Groan... It is just too much some days...I wilt rather quickly in the city too. Need I explain more?

  3. LOL...I'm sorry, but I was like Jenn and laughed when I read about the Starbucks guy!! But yes, you are right...I say things all the time that don't come out right, and if I could just remember to back off a bit and think first!! :-( I do better at writing out my thoughts!
    Also I have a friend that hasn't learned yet to just let some things go...and tries to find meaning in everything that gets me...that can be very wearying!! And I'm pretty sure that isn't a word!!


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