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That Still Small Voice

I am finally convinced that attending church and being an active part of the local body of Christ is Scriptural. I say finally, because for a lot of years I didn't like the childish bickering and endless foolish controversies and genealogies that went along with being involved with the humans that make up the local church community.

Not that I like those things in particular any better than I used to but now I realize GRACE and the fact that at some point or other we will all chase after something that is not actually what God would have us to be chasing. But we don't always know that on time do we? And I believe that is kinda the whole idea God had for church.

It is often the very humanness of our own people that helps us to see our own flaws and inconsistencies in a new light. About the time you are tempted to judge a situation, God challenges you with your own.

Three challenges God gave me this week:

1. Sometimes God uses your brother or sister in Christ to give advice in a wrong direction. That does not make them evil or bad. It simply means you might have to step away a little and ask the Holy Spirit why this felt wrong for you to do it and then listen to that still small voice above the noise of human reasoning...along with this challenge is another chance to forgive what that well meaning person advised. God is sovereign. Know it. Do what He says.

2. I am learning to have compassion for those things I will never experience. Don't be the kind of person that denies "it" happened if "it" didn't happen to you. Remember the question...If a tree falls in the forest and no one was around to hear it, did it still make a crash when it fell? That question always leaves me scratching my head and thinking possibly a rabbit could've even been crushed. Yes, things happen to others without our presence. Be sensitive to the things you cannot comprehend. At least ask Jesus to help you care if you don't. Caring is a very real part of being the hands and feet of Jesus.

3. I want to have an abundant life and I want it to be as simple as I can make it. Not a simple that is a means to be lazy. I want a simple that is useful for being more present and joyful in my current season. I am finding that a big part of this is learning to embrace the pain and sadness we "feelers" find in the everyday. Realizing this is God at work to grab my attention in those moments that I cannot reconcile as being abundant or simple. Seeing God in the those times is what finally brings peace and joy. His beauty for my ashes.