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Everyday battle

It's National Womans Day. Whatever that means. I feel bad about this. It would be better named, National Brat Day. Not that I don't like women, I do; I am one of them. But when we start making days to be noticed, I start to think about animals in cages. Do we really want that kind of attention?

National Womans Day was started for the woman who has fewer rights, to make it easier for her to get a job, one that pays as good or better than a man's job. It was made for women to be able to vote and help lead equally with men. The point of it all was for equality among human beings in every aspect; to not have gender; influence treatment of human beings.

I think it's working. Except for the fact we are completely different beings than men. True, we both have heads, hands, and feet...but after noticing those physical parts, our differences begin to show up. And that a man has no womb. Wonder who they will blame for this? So it's not working. There are big un-thought of gaps. 

Society is pretty bad when women are not only unhappy with men as they are, strong and big and worthy of respect, but also want the men to be more like women, so that things can be fair or equal. I teach fifth and sixth graders and am quite familiar with that line of thinking. It gets everybody nowhere fast.

No goals are met and nothing gets accomplished when little people are solely worried about equality.

Here's what I'm doing about it. I'm celebrating my man today. I'm boycotting this childish way of thinking that I am somehow not only equal but also better than men. Nothing makes a man stronger, gentler, kinder, and more able to lead than a woman who will stand behind him watching him flex his muscles for everyday battle. Watch your man in action today. Be amazed at his ability to lead and at his strength and stamina, which is much different than yours.  Thank God for that!

Praise God today as you cover your man in prayer. This is how you help him do everyday battle. Rejoice that you get to do life with this man everyday, by embracing your differences and using them to the best of both of your advantages.Make your man feel good about being a man today and make him glad he married a woman who knows how to enjoy his strength and nurture it.


  1. I don't have a man but I say "amen" to what you've written. I wonder how the women would howl if the men made a National Men's Day.


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