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What Do We Know

When we think we know how things should work...

When we convince ourselves the predictability of a situation...

When we see something someone else is just not seeing and we want to shake them till they do...

When we think we care better and more understandably than that other person or people...

When we believe the problem is too big for fixing...

When we are floundered with too much craziness...too much human thinking...

When nothing makes sense...when everything is a mess...

When it hurts so bad and you can't explain it...when words make it worse...

I wonder...does God laugh at us? Or does He groan at our haughtiness... our answers... and our works?

What if we stop thinking we know so much? 

What would happen to our concept of God if we gave Him all the broken parts, pieces, and people in our lives? 

What if we let Him take our burdens and our zeal and our passions? Would we matter so much? At all? 

If I ask the Holy Spirit to heal my relationships, is my solution to fixing a relational problem, even a thing? Why do we put "I" in the way of God and His power? We say I did this and I did that...

If we asked God to help us, to give us wisdom and to send His Spirit to guide us, He did it. Not us.

We take too much credit, thinking we are something. We are only vessels. The more cracked and broken and humble we are about ourselves, the better God can do His thing.

But "we" get in the way, thinking we have better answers. After all, what we have been handed down through the generations is of such great worth. Right? 

Right. In a way...but only in the ways that proclaim Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Light. I think its time to get over ourselves and think about God's greatness... His power.

Maybe its time to find out what that really means. Maybe then it wouldn't matter so much what we think we know.


  1. Yes. God is Sovereign and will maintain his sovereignty without our help. Such a comfort and peace and amazingness!

  2. Did you write this just for me?? Thank you for taking the time to put it all in words. Blessing, Valita

    1. Thank you for saying Valita. So glad God is doing His thing in your life. :)

  3. Thank you for writing! Just what I needed. ~ Dawn


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