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How We Forget and Why

If you are looking for knowledgeable answers this post will be a disappointment to is more an analysis of what I think happens in life and a few of the causes.

Maybe you don't get off kilter as I do in relationships and in staying humble and kind and joyful. Maybe you aren't bothered with deep thoughts and the pressures of those who don't have deep thoughts...(don't worry, I know my personality can be a drain to those who aren't nagged with "thoughts".) I don't even blame you. I drain myself. :)

Here goes nothing...

1. I think we forget truth and God's morals when we get too heavily involved in politics. We get so wrapped up in our own thinking we forget to take into account what God thinks about the currant news, then say a bunch of stuff that is mostly strong opinions and added chaos. Brilliant.

2. It seems that we forget politeness and good manners and communication skills since the advent of Facebook and Twitter and that thing of beauty, we call the Internet. It was harder to be rude instantly, before those things became a part of our lives. Rudeness was thought through better in those days and by the time you saw the person you were mad at earlier you forgot what you were mad about. 

3.Remember health and nutrition? People no longer need to eat healthy and exercise. You can just take a pill that helps balance your blood sugars, possibly even lowers them. Now, instead of moderate sugar intake, you can ingest all natural sugars taken from the trees and bees and if you are not allergic to these things you can have your cake and eat it too.

4. We become uncomfortable with quiet times or are afraid of boredom. "Be still and know that I am God" seems a foreign concept. We need lists and rule books and manuals to accomplish great things because we can't hear clear directions from God for all the noise in our lives. We have forgotten God given common sense because we have been desensitized by all our busyness and doing of good.

None of these problems are new though. It was just something else fifty years ago. As I said before, I have no cure for our forgetfulness. Just be aware. 

 Be aware in social media; you can be kind and polite and mannerly.

In politics, you are responsible to know God's truth and to speak it to your neighbor.

Magical pills are costly and walking is free. Eating healthy is a choice and being moderate is Biblical.

And be aware that busyness is also a choice, as is quietness and being still. Awareness for your God, you Maker will sensitize you to the things of the Spirit. Take the time and become Aware of what God is telling you today.


  1. I finally figured out a criteria for humility too....just to add to your list of wisdom,...... It's kindness. And I'm smart enough to know I have a long ways to get to humility. Goodnight.

    1. Yes agreed. Humility is kindness. And maybe a bit of grace? Love you, sis.


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