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To Putter and Hammock


To move or go slowly, aimlessly; loiter...

This is what I have been doing...Absolutely nothing of too big of consequence.

I wake up when I want to and leisurely sip a cup of coffee. I pick up my watering can and dribble a little water over a houseplant or two. Then, I stop and stare into space if so desired.

The point is, I don't have to be rushing, grinding, or shoving my way through the day. The kids are home for the summer, the books are put away, the records have been filed. It is such a feeling of utter relief.

I am puttering with God too. Its a good thing. It might sound like a bad thing to those who thrive on the grueling heat of the body, soul, and spirit, but to me it means resting and waiting and listening to the still small voice of God. He too commands rest. 

I think God is not as impressed with our ability to "get things done" as we are. I think He likes when we get out the hammock and swing now and then. He wants us to let go of our bulldog determination to "accomplish" and just learn to relax while He fixes what needs fixing. 

And sometimes, it ain't broke; our fixing is in vain. It might take relaxing to figure that out.

A phrase from Rock of Ages has been in my head the last couple weeks..."Nothing in my hands I bring; simply to the cross I cling"...

Learn to putter; you might see someone important or hear something just right to feed your soul...or the other way could be you will notice others for the first time in a while and be a strength to them, just by being available and free from accomplishments.


  1. Puttering sounds fabulous...but all the Summer activities begin Monday....and go forth from thence. So I beg, in the midst of your puttering ,please do put many and sundry prayers for those across waters and lands...Hugs - humongous far-away hugs to you!

    1. Yes! I will mention you to our Lord often...


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