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The Lady That Was Too Busy

 How many of you do "busy" well?
 Do a few of you thrive on keeping a packed schedule book? 
Do more of you do better with hectic than slow?
 Is your best work done when you are out of time?

I ask these questions, for I want to know. I know what makes me even more frustrated when I am in a crazy time, and that is... planners and talking about all the things one has to do.

 By planners, I mean the daily little calendar books many women use to plan their weeks in. I don't like them at all. I pretty much hate them. They make me feel itchy in the brain. They also make me feel like reacting strongly and tearing my clothes like you read of in the Bible. I looked this reaction up to see what it meant in biblical terms. Google says it was done when one was deeply disappointed or when mourning a loss.

That would be about right. I too know what I am deeply disappointed in and what I am mourning the loss of; its called TIME.
  Dear Time, I miss you and hope we can one day be friends again... 

In the meantime, I have been thinking about how to enjoy the craziness of each and every day. Last week I wrote down a few things that have occurred to help me enjoy the crazy. Most of those things were kids and their ways. I cannot name names or tell you the specific things that were said, so as to not breech any policy of privacy, but here are a few of the answers I can figure out the questions.

"No, I do not supply Q-tips for the classroom. Fresh out of toiletry items."
"Yes, by all means, if you feel the urge to break wind, please leave the classroom."
"Yes, you may use my magnifying glass, but don't start any fires." They didn't, but it didn't stop them from burning bugs.
"Yes, Mrs Hartman will take your homemade bows and arrows from you if they fly across the room and hit her nose."
"No, I am not interested in seeing what you got out of your nose!"

In Monday morning recap one person mentioned they went to a play over the weekend. I asked what the play was called. The reply was Bye Bye Birdy and from across the room someone gave a resounding "BAM!" That made me laugh a good Monday morning laugh.

I can't fix the problem of time being used wisely. I can't even improve how I plan my days. The only thing I can really change is my acceptance of all the little moments that make up my allotted time for each day. And maybe I can find pleasure in the little moments that take up more time than I think necessary.

I don't want to only find a certain level of acceptance of the busyness that floods my life, I want to enjoy it. I want to learn to embrace the times however they are and not miss the joy in that one small glitch of something eternal. 

Something eternal might be as simple as the bags of candy I signed up to bring for my son's graduation. It might be the one moment I stopped long enough to hear my daughter's heartbreak of the day. Maybe it is listening to instead of speaking words of my own to my other daughter. It could be as easy as going along with my man on a quick walk down to the hospital to retrieve some paperwork.

Redeeming the time to me has been cleaning the bathroom and doing the laundry. It has been making the beds and folding the clothes. Having a clean house and good meals also has made me feel 'my busy' is righteous somehow. 

Do you know what I think? I think God looked down on my self- righteousness and said, "Let's give this lady a job. Let's give her kids to teach. They will frazzle and fray her nerves, but it will teach her how to find joy in moments of imperfections." 

And He saw that this was very good and gave it to me. Now it's up to me to find it.

What's your busy like and what do you think of it? Your turn...



  1. Oh Shilah! Your days sound a lot like mine minus the teaching stuff.... I've been learning to redden the time....(trying to build a business and make enough just to survive.... its a double full time job....


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