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Reflections of a Week

Thoughts I had this past week: Thankful Thankful Thankful for vacation. And Summer. And soaking up the sun rays by the river. And for the getting of dirt under my nails; for dry cracked feet I got while mucking through the flower beds.

 For a husband that is on vacation from school, that can replace hot water heaters and fix boat tires and change the oil in the car. And who also can calm down my preteen and teenager girl's spats...I need that guy...He be good for me. 

This is my happy mom look after my graduate arrived home from his senior trip. Part of this week's story was sending Laife off on his trip and Toria off to work her first job. I was on the road a bit too much to suit me, but we made that fun too.

This was a late night run to Spokane...We stopped at Olive Garden and did a little shopping on our way to the airport to pick up a visiting niece...

At Kohl's, there was this very bland man in a colorful suit that I couldn't resist cuddling up to...SO guys, if you want to be a chick magnet... get this outfit...Not that I'm a chick or would know...

And because we are leaving Wednesday for a family vacation I will bid you adieu for several weeks...I will bore you with that when I get back...but just so you know it has to do with sailing and living aboard our boat for quite a few days in a warmer climate.