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What I did This Week

What a weird week...It held a little bit of everything. Monday after school was a trip to the thrift store...The girls have inherited my love of books. Their shelves are full.

I think it might be a little strange, but I love to look at shelves of books. To me it is a thing of beauty. I love the colors of the spines, the spell of old paper, the dog ears, and coffee rings sometimes smudged in their pages.

Teacher meeting was a little shorter Tuesday afternoon so I came home and puttered around outside re-potting plants and making my front porch look like spring.

It still needs some fixing...remodeling happens slowly these days, but you are still welcome to come sit here with me for a glass of lemonade this summer.

Bruce got his first smart phone this week so we spent an evening texting selfies and emojis to each other while he was at work. I tell you, the things people will do after 40!

It was fun. I kinda got into it...notice the studious kids in the background...that has been another big part of our week; evenings spent doing homework.

My own real tulips finally showing off.

And Toria turned 15. We celebrated as a family a day late because of Bruce working. It's been a tumultuous birthday...turning 15 was hard for her. I remember vividly feeling the same way. Everyone seemed especially stupid on my 15th birthday. 

Mom, I now am being paid back for my smart mouth and snarly lip. I finally get what you tried to shake out of me...Thank you for loving me through those years. I plan to do the same with my daughters. I do now humbly apologize...

 I found this picture and thought of my library in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. I loved that old building. Someday I will write about it. This week I longed for a day in a place like this. I would stay all day in an upholstered velvety chair which I am sure they have. In a perfect library, they would also have a coffee cart for all the refills wanted. There would be an Adult Only Day, which would mean there would not be children allowed in to interrupt my perusing...not the usual 'adult only' meaning...please understand, I am with children quite a lot and I love them, but every now and then I would like quiet and sensibility.

School needs to be over soon. Today I just about had it. The kids were acting like little barbarians, very uncivilized and primitive. Exactly. And I am feeling every bit the old lady they perceive me to be. I love them. I know that is what makes me care about their behavior, but I can't help but understand Moses' feelings on the children of Israel while attempting to lead them through the wilderness to Canaan.

Tonight after school, I wanted a rock to strike to bring forth water for the little whiners, complainers, and gripers. If only I could make them thankful, happy children.

Then, I went upstairs to vacuum the church chapel so our people can have a nice weekend improving their marriages, since we are having a seminar on that subject...and I cannot be there.

I began to pout and whine and feel sorry for myself while I vacuumed up raisins (this must be the going snack for our kids in church these days)...And then the Lord spoke to me about my attitude as well. Being joyful starts with myself...maybe next week the kids and I can make a new go of it. And as for not being able to attend the meetings, I'm going to let that be in God's hand and try not to strike any rocks. I'm sure He can bless me and my precious in our own house this weekend doing ordinary stuff.

Happy Weekend...


  1. Shilah, by the time you were 15, I recognized it as an age phase and it would pass to another phase and possibly I was easier on you than I had been with Arla. It helped to heal my bruised feelings to recognize it a phase and this too would pass away. I watch my children with their children and remember and feel blessed. And I laugh when I remember how Anna words this: "I am glad for what my grandchildren are teaching my children!"

    Could you send me the picture of Tori 's birthday picture. Thank you. mom

  2. I wonder if I was snippy and snarly at 15. I don't remember. But I sure do remember my sisters being snippy!!! (Laugh at my own joke here.) I was absent minded, I know that. And now I have a seven year old who is as well...


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