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And Still I Write

Bruce inspired me last week with his views on talent in the arts. Paraphrased, he thinks the art world tends to be filled with ordinary people with over inflated egos. He is especially unimpressed by those who are able to make a lot of money by expressing their ordinary selves, and he claims that these regular people just happened to be in the right place at the right time to get their extra ordinary entrance into the world as "famous".

I like that my husband thinks. I also like that he's not afraid to say what he thinks even if not many agree with him. And even if I hear what he says and know what he means, I still wonder...Is that how it is? Think about this... 

 Dorothea Lange became famous as a photographer during the Great Depression. Most people have seen the photo of her subject, Florence Owen Thomson. This particular photo smote the nation with compassion for the plight they all mutually felt during that era. I have a hard time seeing that as chance.

Florence Nightingale didn't become known as the founder of modern nursing by things simply falling into place. There was hard work, persistence, and a lot of frustration on her part before she was actually noticed or recognized for what she accomplished. 

There are many more we could mention that became famous and world renown for their accomplishments, but as my husband pointed out, a lot of them were either dead or nearly dead before their talent was found out.

I am of the opinion, that anyone can be talented at anything if they decide to be. What makes the biggest difference is how deep your desire is to do that particular thing.

I took a mail correspondence course in floral design after I graduated from high school earned my diploma by getting a GED. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to arrange flowers, growing them, learning their names, and I loved the different style of design I learned as well. One thing I found while doing this is; anyone can arrange flowers if that's what they want to do.

Cake decorators, painters, artists, singers, writers... They all would claim this same thing yet anyone observing my pencil art can clearly attest that I can not draw. Also, my roses piped out of a frosting bag don't look so great. I guess it's the part about "if that's what you want to do".

 Being a writer, one can get tired of always being chased by thoughts and words needing to sort themselves out. Plus, the constant decision making if whether or not something should even be said. And then realizing that it really doesn't matter to most people if you just be quiet or say it already! Then, it's back to the old rerun of, I write because I like to. And if it happens to resonate with you that's nice and if it doesn't that's OK too.

Just for the record, anyone can write or cook or draw, if that's what they want to do. And about becoming famous? I still think it must have something to do with talent and timing and circumstances all in alignment and ordained by God if you are a believer in Him. Also, if you are a believer in God, the talent that could perhaps make you famous, will in turn glorify your Creator. If you are talented in any aspect, remember it's not about you in the first place...It's about God and He being your Gifter...You are only His vessel.

Now go make something pretty with your talent, be it music, paintings, designing, photography, writing or acts of serving. Do it unabashedly, boldly, and confidently; you're doing it for Him.


  1. I totally agree with Bruce. And hour last sentence.

  2. I have to say I agree with your deductions on this. Some of us have more natural talent in certain areas but MOST people who become very good at one thing or another put A LOT of hard work and perseverance into it. For instance, Kristi has people who almost get annoyed at her ability to sing "you are so lucky, just being able to sing" ...and what they don't realize is all the HOURS and HOURS of training she has done (No, not by professionals, but she listens to voice training videos and so on and self trains). Often we get good because we practice and are persistent in the things we are interested in. And hard work pays off after awhile.


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