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When Things Wake You at Night

I am so happy for you if this never happens to you.  And I am also so happy for you if you never worry and think of weird "what ifs" at four in the morning. 

However, this post isn't about bravery and I will not be handing out awards for those who sleep soundly in their beds at night.  This post could be categorized under honesty and a little bit of candid humor.  At least that is what it is meant to be.

It wasn't particularly a nightmare that woke me.  It was a thought I was having while I was sleeping.  I didn't even know this was possible, but last night I woke very fully awake with the thought that... 

Bruce and I were on our sailing trip in the Sea of Cortez . While I slept he sailed the boat.  Sometime during the night he was thrown into the sea by the waves.  When I awoke he was not anywhere on the boat and I was alone, under full sail, and didn't know where to go to even try to retrieve him.

It was a very real feeling of despair.  I was tempted to reach over and shake my husband awake and ask, "Do we have a safety harness?"  Very bravely, I waited till morning to do that.  And the answer was "No" with a snicker and great amusement.  I am not amused and I am never sleeping from Dec 20th to Dec 25 while we are actually doing our trip.  

Yup, I am scared a little about this trip.  I would be lying if I pretended bravery unlimited.

Thankfully,  I don't have to pretend. God reminds me of His unlimited goodness and protection during sleepless nights.  And yes, it may take me awhile to name my fears and turn them over once again into the Mighty All Powerful Hands of God. but the point is, I do. 

 Facing fears and what ifs do require a little bit of bravery.  But mostly, if I am awakened by nightmarish thoughts, I get a chance to remember that fear is not from God and that there is power in the name of Jesus.  

So...when the things in life wake you to your human frailties, use them as a chance to get to know your God in a bigger, better, and deeper way.  Hopefully, the deeper way isn't an actual falling into the sea.


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