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Our weekend started with a date...Which I wrote about earlier today but somehow between publishing and editing things went haywire.  It just wasn't meant to be I guess.  Summarizing now, I told two different things that happened to make our date turn out rather fine.  One happening involved licking honey from a spoon while I watched for spies. It was a bonding moment.  I have now lost the urge to write it down but it was a funny at the time.  

The other happening was about a bad experience we witnessed between a mean old man and a sweet little waitress who deserved much better treatment and how we tried to help ease the pain of it.  The bonding that Bruce and I felt in that moment was happiness and joy complete. My husband continues to amaze me with his quiet ways of solving problems.

And I tried to share with you the fact that on the weekend I bake and clean and light candles and play music and visit the library.  I wrote about our tradition of sleeping till 7 and then of making the usual batch of pancakes and a gluten free option for myself of blueberry muffins.  I told you about a Martha Stewart gluten free pumpkin bread recipe that I am going to try.  I have baked the pumpkin so far and blended it. I did many loads of laundry today. And we change bedding on weekends.  So you see, weekends are free of school but not work.

Finally, I shared with you about a person from long ago that has inspired me and of a documentary that is worth watching called Many Beautiful Things about this person who is named Lilias Trotter.  

Weekends are needed here.  We catch up on living.  We say hello to the neighbors.  We buy food.  We have a rare date.  We work really hard in a relaxed manner.  We play a little and talk to each other about nothing.  We catch our breath so we can do it all over again.  Have a good one!
Outdoor photo credits: Toria Hartman


  1. Curious what licking honey from a spoon had to do with looking for spies! :-)

  2. As I mentioned, I told the story earlier but it would not publish correctly so I decided to not share it again. Too hard to explain. It would be like telling a joke too many times. Not funny anymore. :)


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