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To My Beautiful Daughters

This is my daughter...The only reason she is black and white is because she edited this photo with a setting I don't even know how to run on my camera...but it looks artsy, like herself.

 I have been so impressed with her style of decor in her own little room.  She has always put together colors in a unique way, I first noticed this when she started coloring at a very young age.

Books are one of her passions and she is running out of room to store them.

I love watching my daughters turn into their original selves. 


I want to plop down in a cozy chair and read right there...

Or write...that looks like fun too.

    To my beautiful daughters,
You will have days that aren't so fun; keep trying.
You will have friends be unspeakably horrid to you; keep loving them.
You will be unspeakably horrid to your friends; learn to say, "I am sorry."
You will feel ugly some days; don't believe it.
You might not be able to change your flaws, your pimples, your height, your features...BUT you can always change your attitude. 
You can smile and be kind.  That will be the best kind of beauty.
You will naturally want to whine and complain; practise being thankful and grateful toward God, people, and your circumstances.
You will want the good things of life; learn to graciously give up your will and seek God's will.

I pray you have a life that spreads joy and grace and peace to those around you. 
I pray that you never give in to the age old temptation of manipulation, trying to get your own way.  Rather, I pray you learn to be genuine and compassionate and giving.
I also pray you learn to early seek your Maker for any and all dilemmas; that you go to Him first; before you tell another friend your stuff.  Your friends can hear your heart after God has sifted through the stuff that should never be said out loud.  
May you never use your friends to only talk about yourself; but be an encouragement to them by doing at least half of the listening. 
Finally, always listen to your mother; she knows what she is talking about.  :)  I love you!


  1. somehow I just love this post!! maybe its because of my own 4 lovey daughters!!

  2. Yes Valita, Amy talked very highly of you and your lovely daughter's visit this summer. :)


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