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Share Your Perspective

One thing a new school year teaches is how wonderfully different we all are and how the perspective of little children is so desperately needed for themselves and for the adults.

  Learning kids need to be able to share their views as they develop.  They learn at a very early age to either reject or accept oddities by vocalizing their opinions.  They learn to practise forbearance with each other when they are taught to respect each others points of view.   As do adults, they also need the perspective of their co workers to thrive in the work place.

  It was helpful to me this week, in dealing with a few wrinkles at work to hear the others' sides of the situation.  Their willingness to share their perspective made it possible to see that things aren't exactly as one person thinks they are.  They rarely are if we are  honest about it.  That's why it is important to hear what other people have to say about some of life's problems.  And that's why it is important for people to share their views, so we can all learn from each other.

Which brings me to the problem of people that are afraid to say what they think for fear it may be the wrong thing.  That can feel like a safe place to be but isn't it a bit selfish?  We should all be willing to look at the hard stuff of life with a healthy perspective, asking ourselves; what can we learn from each other in this? and how can we bring glory to God in this?

So, while we may not agree on everything our ultimate goal is peace and goodwill toward men.  To be able to look beyond the problems and to see what God is after in the middle of the battle.
(A good soldier does not entangle himself in civilian affairs, rather he obeys his orders from his commander) 2 Timothy 2:4  loosely translated...

To value other Christians perspectives, the ones who see you and work with you and know you, is vital to personal growth.  We need each other desperately as much as the children do to finish our characters and learn to walk closer to the Creator of us all.


  1. Sure. Well said. But I'm old enough to know to be shy of bears and slowly back away too. I just read blueberries for sal! Seriously I agree give perspective, people. But am I able to be the kind of person that people feel safe offering their perspective to? Because maybe I'm too hasty to react rather than thank them and learn.....therefore they hesitate to share. My challenge.

  2. It isn't exactly fun to have someone think your opinions stink but it sure is good for us to see someone else's point of view as well. It can be a good balance if we can be humble enough to admit it.


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