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Is Discreet Always Good

    Being one who is often at war with her own personality, I ponder things like this...Is being discreet all goodness?

     And I ponder because there are obviously those who are the soul of discretion, which makes those of us who aren't, look like blunt, obnoxious persons.  And we aren't.  Really we aren't.  We have good and square and kind thoughts.  We choose kindness more often than you know.  We often withhold bits of information we are sure would not benefit anyone.

    But what makes the biggest difference between both personalities is that while one thinks they are being kind and tactful, the other feels more kindness from total frankness and the ability to call a rose a rose and a thorn a thorn.

    The personality that insists on seeing only roses and never the thorns, is especially hard for that person that calls things like they are. can you possibly even deal with the thorns in your life if you refuse to acknowledge their presence?  And what does that kind of personality gain by not facing the thorns and trying to rid themselves of the real problem?

   If only all could be sunshine and roses.  But it just ain't so.  We all have bits and pieces of both good and bad.  And the kind of people that insist on there only being roses all the time become more like fake, silk flowers with their facade of real.  They have no scent or atmosphere.  

   I think we all have our moments of not admitting things that could possibly help us by admitting them...but I think being too discreet can happen when the truth is denied or overlooked.  And there is something to be said for all the Bible verses that say to speak seek God's truth be truth...

   Those of us who are afraid to practise honesty in our conversations should remember that this may be the only truth some people will ever hear.  The simple truth that I am a sinner saved by grace has to be better than fluffy conversations that never get to the point of putting us on the same level as another potential sinner that could be saved by grace.

     And it could be that our honesty and not being afraid to say what is in our hearts could be the little bit of truth a hungry soul might need.

     SO... be discreet if you are good at it, but never be afraid to speak truth.   Discreet or blunt, neither one come easy for whatever personality you aren't.


  1. Of course you know how this topic is high on my radar......but in discussing this with Matt he says discrete is the wrong word for your argument...... not sure if he's right but found his perspective interesting......

  2. Yes. I think too there must be a better one...any ideas?

  3. Actually, I just studied the words again. There is a different meaning for discreet versus discrete. They are homophones and have two different meanings... I did mean the one I mentioned, but do wonder if there is a better word...

  4. So he says discreet is always good. Being kind and respectful and careful is always good. But I would agree with you that burying hour head in the sand isn't always good. I don't know what that word is......

  5. Ha! oblivious? :) My kids tell me that some people are too kind in not saying a truth that would guard them from making a mistake. I agree.


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