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Summer Fades

Our summer appears to be over.  We start school on Tuesday.  The classroom is ready.  Still waiting on my heart and soul.  I am thankful for the summer months, but this year, summer was not what I had planned it would be.  It was hard.  And I am not alone in this. Several friends felt the same way.  We go through times of testing I guess, even during summer vacation.

I think the testing was good and did a number on me all at the same time.  I fall back to being thankful for what God provides even in the hard times.  I had some pretty big questions and rediscovered solid truths...  

I'm going to credit the sailing experiences this summer to God.  I would have never wanted or searched or bought a sailboat.  I feel God prompted my husband this way because sailing was healing and grace.  While sailing I could figure out how to forgive a few blows of the heart.  I found peace in the wind.  I found strength to continue in waves and water.  I saw God's love in the blue of the sky and the beauty around me.

Ultimately, God was in the questions.  I came to rest when I figured out that the things that I think are broken might be God at work doing His thing.  I gave Him all the broken pieces of my heart and some of those pieces, He returned to me as was and said, "It's not broken. It's how I want it to be for future use later."  He is teaching me to let 'it' go sometimes whatever it is.  It's not my job to heal, mend, or fix things.  It's His responsibility and He's doing a swell job of it.

He asks me only to focus on Him and stop trying to borrow His binoculars.  He gives me enough light in my path and clarity in my vision to do the thing that matters in the hard times.