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Fall...Not Quite Poetry

I love the fall season more each year.

It is such a celebration for all the abundance of summer.

The colors of nature giving one last oomph and saying "hurrah"!

A chance to sit back and re-evaluate the busyness of green and heat and then dry...

In fall, we think cozy thoughts and plan coffee breaks with pumpkin-y flavors.

We light candles and listen to classical music. 

We read books in the basement of our hometown libraries... 

We could molder there along with these old friends, for the love of books and leather chairs and imaginary worlds.

On the way out of the library we stop on the sidewalk to say hello to another...

Then stroll home across the bridge over the water where leaves fall and twirl on whirlpools as they lazily float away...

A pot of chili and a pan of cornbread... 
served in a chunky bowl gives warmth and comfort.

Family altogether quiet in the early dark of the evenings, each one in a different book, different world, yet all here experiencing home and laughter and mellow hours.


  1. You totally captured the feelings with hour words. Fall really is a wonderful season.


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