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Fall is in the Air

  A few things I learned this week: 

  Praying mantises eat stink bugs for their dinner, antenna first.
  Grasshoppers wings have an accordion fold.
  Fifth and sixth grade boys love bugs to look at, to scare girls with, and to take apart wing by wing to see whats what.
  Forty year old teacher/mamas like bugs too but have little patience for misbehavin...

A few things I discovered about living:

I miss grownups. 
 I crave adult conversation.
 I thoroughly enjoy kids.


  I feel like I am in a time out chair right now with God.  All the stuff I ask Him for He removes from my reach.   It feels like He is silent right now or that He is shushing me up.  I have faith that this means I am in the best of care...that right now, He is rocking me telling me to rest and stop wanting things I have no business wanting and to stop asking for so many things. 

It's been a time of reflection.  I wonder what God is doing and why is He taking so long to do it.  I do not question His Sovereignty while I wonder these things. 

Speaking of bugs...for Art on Friday we did this... It was all things art should be, messy, fun, and taken from nature...
Today I pulled out the tote with Fall decor and changed things out in the living room.  It is looking like Autumn around here...Need to find some white pumpkins again for the front porch and a few mums.  I am counting my blessings for my happiness fix these days. 

Happy Weekending...