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A Little Bit of This and That

This is Laife's first painting.  He sat down after the trip to Seattle...we were home only an hour, and he was doing this.  He says it is ugly and can't figure out why I like it.  I'm so proud of it that I took it and hung it in our sail boat.

Shaunti had a birthday that got overlooked more than usual.  I guess one should never have a birthday in August. I even bought the cake.

                     We gave her some nice stuff tho...hope it helped the non party mode.

Our 1st camping/sailing trip with all five of us... Shaunti fishing...

Bruce took this picture and I love the way the sun shines down on my baby and the boat.

Isn't she a pretty little thing?

Oh, Look! Another one...

Mr. Dude.  He read all. weekend. long.  I could tell he was really into the sailing thing...

I woke up early and enjoyed a book, coffee and this gorgeous sunrise.

His mercy is new every morning...great is His faithfulness!

Herbs from the garden...Life is good!


  1. The painting is quite lovely. I agree. And your sailboat adventures look very fun, too.

  2. Life, that painting is very nice! I think I still have some of your artwork from when I taught you!:) you have a talent that it wonderful!

  3. The painting is lovely! And YES, she is a pretty little thing. I really enjoyed this post, and also I wanted to tell you that I shared your post on choosing to say thank you to God in hard times with my ladies at the jail (I do jail ministry) and they really liked it. One young girl said she copied it out to send to her friend.

  4. You should frame that picture if you want my opinion . . . which you didn't ask for. =) Loved this post as usual. Dawn

  5. How lovely Luci, that you do the jail ministry too. I love to see how God is using you in your every day. And I am honored if my words can inspire others to seek the heart of Jesus.

  6. Thanks for your opinion Dawn, :) I do want it. I'm Skrivseth enough to like them.


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