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You Think You Know Something

What do you do when your life unravels?
What brings you back to solid ground and God and trust?
 What do you do when all of the things you used to do no longer seem to work?

First of all...Be thankful.  This is the most important first thing to do.  The Bible says to give thanks in EVERYTHING.  That means the hard stuff too. That means especially the hard stuff.  Saying thank you to God for the hard stuff is letting go of self and walking in faith with God. Saying thank you brings you back to KNOWING that God has got the situation covered front and back.  Thanking God for the hard stuff helps you think beyond the problem to how God is going to solve it.  This never stops working even when it seems like it does.

And the other thing that always works regardless of the feeling, is coming to God with all of it.  In Hebrews it says without faith it is impossible to please God...he that cometh to God must believe that He is God and that He is The Rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

 There are struggles.  Struggles that form us to be diligent and seeking.  Life will unravel.  Things will crumble and fall.  Your heart sometimes will break.  You will make mistakes and feel too shaky to stand.

Then is the time to say, "Thank you".  Those two simple words are an act of faith that pleases God.


  1. ...and in those times we learn to rely more fully on God. He brings a quiet stillness to the waves.

  2. Hey Kari, it worked! I can talk to you. :) Yes! On what you said as well...

  3. Break. not Brake. Although the heart does brake at times too. We cried together in our Sunday School class yesterday, talking about how God's peace in the dark times is something you can't go with out.

  4. Yes, you are right. Although it was more of a braking I think I meant. Sometimes it really feels as if it is all stopped and how to go on? Prayers for your week...

  5. Very wise and beautiful. I think I will print this to read again, and remember later, when I need it.

  6. Thank you Luci, Why do we forget so easily the things that are true and solid? :)


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