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He Loves Me

If you believe you stand tall and strong and know it...take heed lest you fall.
When you tumble, confidence is lost.
 Causing you to quake at the thought of doing the usual.
 All ground is shaky under you.
You are a blade of grass in the wind; bending over but not breaking.

Stand still. Listen... and experience faith... know without the feel
That You are loved.
Falling has happened before.
Before, you were caught and held
Strength from the One who held you, returned and filled the dry deserts of your soul.

OK.  Enough of the prose.  The truth is not "prosey".  And the truth is that I am smacked up side the head with this summer and its activities. And I am fearful, unreasonably so.  Circumstances do have an effect on ones feeling of equilibrium no matter how solid and stable and mature your are.  Not that I am any of those things,  but I was hoping.

  Another truth is that I am shaky as a newborn kitten.  I feel wobbly and insecure of getting through the next couple of weeks.  I am going to the Rock that is Higher than I, minute by minute with cares for my friends and my family and for me.  

So, today I did know that I am loved when I turned on Pandora and listened to song after song of His divine care, protection, and encouragement.  I never got to the mountain top today but I heard the song in my valley.  That is all that mattered.  And this morning we read...For His mercy endureth forever...Do you believe you are loved by God?