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Just Us

 This morning it was just us.  We awoke all around the same time, sleepily fixed out own breakfasts and were quiet together.  Bruce did two quizzes for his summer class. The girls read their books side by side on the recliner couch having been rained out from sleeping on the trampoline both by the water sprinkler and God's rain.  Laife noisily slurped his coffee and read a magazine.  I finished reading a book about writing and drank coffee and wrote.

And during all that quiet I realized what a treasure it is to be just us.  It was the first time in over a month.  These moments are going to become more rare as the kids keep trying their wings.  I am proud of them.  I am sad at them.  Why can't they enjoy doing nothing together more and more instead of less and less?  I have a nice warm couch and good food and clean sheets to sleep on.  Stay awhile longer.  Please?

While the two oldest were in Puerto Rico, I tackled a few house projects that were needing attention.  This is the stairwell leading to our dank and dark basement.  The white paint on this wood work helped my attitude a lot...about this stairwell, that is.

I finally have a place to store my few antiques...

The bathroom also got a new coat of paint, new soap dish, and shower caddie boxes, which are re-purposed cheese boxes.

                     This week's flowers from my gardens...

           Oh, one more thing I did while everyone was away...

                                      The Gallery Wall

Now, while you wait your turn for my one bathroom, you may entertain yourself with our family artwork.  Ha! Have a great week...


  1. Around your bathroom mirror you need to make a frame. And I absolutely love the white painted stair well. Off to get some projects going here now.


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