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Drama or Melodramatic

Being one that is overly emotional and also overly analytical; I am a fine one to speak of such things as drama or melodrama.  That was a joke.  I may or may not know of what I speak.  That is up to you.  You have your own ideas about dramatic living, I am sure.

Lest you go off on your own limb as I did when I first started thinking about this, I challenge you to not become critical of another persons drama.  It is a hard thing to not do.  One of the first quips you will read upon researching this topic, is the fact that no one likes another person's drama more than their own.

Here's another one:

        I was all set to figure out that drama in most of life situations is wrong.  What I found out though, is that drama is usually a good story based on true facts and real life situations; material that also teaches a lesson for coping in life.  It's the kind of stuff writers use to make a believable story.

     Melodrama is the culprit that makes me roll my eyes and think nasty thoughts like, "Get over it already".  Melodrama is an exaggeration of facts and situations.  Judging between the two differences however, can be extremely tricky.  I recognize melodrama in someone else's life much faster than in my own.  

             The reason it is helpful to look at their definitions is to give a balanced view on what is truth.  A Christian should be concerned to give a balanced, accurate picture of reality.  Knowing their differences can help a person sort through his or hers emotional pain and suffering.  If you are a person run by emotions; knowing if it is God's emotions or 'Me' emotions can completely change your view of that truth.

 Melodrama brings attention to me.  It usually is a fabrication of something that happened embellished with strong emotions and big dimensions.  Often melodrama happens naturally to those who live their lives that way so that it appears a part of their story.  It is interesting and convincing enough to seem real, yet the same situation happening to a 'normal' person would be nothing to write home about.

       Drama brings glory to God.  Look at the creation of the earth. That was drama and beautifully performed drama at that.  And Jesus' miracles... no better drama has ever been acted or written.  Think of the transformation of man when he gives his life to Jesus.  That is also good drama but it brings glory to God not man.  Everyday life is good drama when it has God as the director.  Your acting on the stage of life will be outstanding, as good as can be, if you let Him teach you how to act.

What is the drama in your life?  Or is it melodrama?  Do you know the difference?  What are ways that are helpful to sorting through facts and feelings? How much should we talk about our feelings?  Give me feedback...I want to hear your opinions about this...  


  1. I find it helpful to sort through facts and feelings by writing about it, and also talking about it to someone I trust--but not obsessively, because I have that tendency as well. It's good for me to get it out of my system, and it's also good for me to go away and do or think about something completely different for a while. That helps me to realize: There are other people and lives in the world beside your own, Luci, and this maybe isn't the life or death situation you've made it out to be...i.e. melodrama.

  2. Yes. Exactly. It was good for me to study this because I was feeling too much judgement for someone else's drama. It seems it is only something a person can be balanced about as they become aware of their own faults. It isn't helpful for me to point out the facts for their melodrama...they have to figure that out for themselves. :)


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