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Did I Hear Snickering

God has an excellent sense of humor.  Sometimes while reading the Bible; I will read something that makes me laugh out loud.

I'll be honest with you.  Vacation isn't the easiest thing for someone like myself.  I have to ease into the whole idea of not being needed and used.  My tendency is to feel useless and to look inward; a very dark place it is too. 

The last two weeks; I couldn't decide if life was actually as tough as it felt or if I was making it tough by feeling too much because I didn't have to go anywhere or do anything I didn't want to do.

 I know, it's twisted.  It seems the lack of responsibility turns me into a wimp emotionally, sorta like a lack of exercise to the body; when not in use, it becomes mush.  If I can't understand how this works, how would I explain it to you?

Anyway, I've been bumping along trying to stay thankful and focused("thank-you" to God for this betrayal I am feeling about a certain situation or staring blanky into the fridge wondering what we are gonna eat for the next meal) and all that gobble de gook, when I find these perfect words staring out at me in Isaiah.

Who is among you that feareth the
That obeyeth the voice of his
That walketh in darkness, and hath
                no light?
Let him trust in the name of the 
And stay upon his God.   V.10

And look at verse 11...This is what happens when you go your own way and try to focus with your own strength...

Behold, all ye that kindle a fire, that
    compass yourselves about with
Walk in the light of your fire and
           in the sparks ye have
This shall ye have of my hand;
Ye shall lie down in sorrow.

I'm pretty sure I heard a little scoffing and snickering in that verse.  I think God must laugh sometimes as I try to make my own sparks and walk in a light that has no light. All that stumbling and staggering around must look pretty amusing.

The only way through of course, is to "TRUST IN THE NAME OF THE LORD" and "STAY UPON HIS GOD".  I think God doesn't laugh at that.  I imagine He takes it pretty seriously, when He sees my weakness and lack of focus being put into His care.


  1. Shilah, someone else who has a hard time with vacations! Thank you. I thought something must be seriously wrong inside me, that I almost panic if I don't have a goal to meet or a contribution to make that NEEDS to be done pronto. Like what darkness is down there, anyway, that I can't just stop work and enjoy who I am? It's good to hear that someone else has such a strong urge to DO and to be useful.

    I am curious: WHAT in the Bible makes you snicker? I've never thought of the Bible as humorous...but I'd like to begin.

    1. THanks Luci, The idea that I try to make my own sparks and walk in my own knowledge while all the time there was God waiting to be asked for help. I love the way the words in V.11 show how silly we as humans are sometimes. I envisioned a dog chasing his tail. It made me laugh. Scripture is chuck full of poetry and good wording and sentence forms. And it could be I have an odd sense of humor too. :)

    2. Yeah, we are pretty silly, I guess. :) An odd sense of humor is always the best.


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