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Someone Stepped on Me


                                                It rained today inside and out.

                                                I heard a little whining.
                                                There was also complaining
                                                And yawning and frowns.
                                                Nobody liked their assignments.

                                              It was the kind of day

                                              Pencils fell into hard to reach places.
                                              Tests multiplied on my desks
                                              Waiting to be checked. 
                                              I lost papers in the clutter
                                              And found them again. 

                                             The kids all got hurt.

                                             "Someone stepped on my fingers, Mrs. Hartman!"
                                              This said with a wail. 
                                              I asked, "did they try to step on your fingers?" 
                                              The answer was, "No." 
                                              I asked, "did you forgive them?" 
                                              A blank look was given for an answer.

                                            I leave my work day feeling bruised and beaten

                                            "Someone stepped on my heart," I cry to God.
                                            He asks, "Did they try to step on your heart?"
                                            I answer, "No." My stare is not blank as I realize
                                            They are not trying to be hurtful.
                                            Anxiety and restlessness are nagging them
                                            The same way they are me.
                                            What they need is grace and love and forgiveness

                                                   And tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will love them better.
                                           I can't without this correction from my Teacher.
                                           But my Teacher is faithful.  He continues to love
                                           Me even after I bruise Him with my complaints.
                                           He uses the frailty of children to show me my lesson.


  1. WoW! This is the truth! Grandma Ruth

  2. "What they need is grace and love and forgiveness." This is beautiful, Shilah. Thank you!


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