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How I Plan to Spend My Summer

I wish I had taken the time to write a daily journal of the last two weeks.  They were probably the fullest weeks that I have ever lived. 

Today was our last day of school.  It is so easy to say.  It sounds like no big deal.  But it truly was a detailed countdown building up to this day.  

I found out kids get restless by April 15 or so.  It's then they start to worry about finishing their work on time.  The sunshine calls to them as they try to figure their math lessons and they are even more easily distracted than they already were.

The last two weeks of school are as grueling as the first two weeks of school.  There is a class trip to arrange and actually do.  There is the constant flow of tests to be scored, report cards to fill out, awards to write up, book orders to place, and the permanent records to file away.  

The last two weeks of school, fresh flowers of lupine and columbine and early roses scented the air.  Treats of root beer floats, and pizza parties stickied up the cafeteria.

I was asked today what I plan to do with my summer.  I would love to give a list of:   Sit and do nothing and then sit and do nothing more.  But that is not reality and that is not even the truth.  

My summer has been prearranged for me already.  God knows how much of a break and of what kind I need.  So if He saw clear to fill it with family fun and girls camp activities, then He can also prearrange the quiet times He thinks I need for rejuvenating.  

I plan to spend my summer enjoying every blessed minute; even the ones filled with canning green beans and applesauce.

 I plan to spend time in my flowers.  I plan to spend time on my back deck writing and reading, preferably with a cup of dark coffee. 

 I plan to talk to God, asking Him all kinds of stuff.  Its my time to ask the questions and He teach me.  It's my time to sit on the front of the boat and let Him be my sails.  



  1. Shilah, I've been following your blog for awhile and admired you for taking on the duel task of teaching students and managing a house. I am not married and I know how stressful just teaching is much less caring for a family. Granted, I do have other obligations such as helping my dad care for my mom (which includes driving 45 min one way to their house. Podcasts are my friend!), working Friday nights at a restaurant and rolling out pie crusts on Saturday for this same restaurant; but, I can go to sleep when I want, get up when I want, and do not have the pressures of caring for others right in my own house. Enjoy your summer without guilt! Are you teaching again next year? -Carolyn

    1. Hi, nice to hear from you! I love to hear from people I don't know. It means I actually do have readers. :)
      I think we all do the things we do more from choice than we realize. When I was asked to teach last year, I had never thought of it being an option prior to it. But the farther we got into the school year I realized it was God looking out for my needs. My husband is a full-time CNA at out local hospital while he does nursing school, is a volunteer firefighter and EMT. If I had been at home the past nine months alone much of the time, I would have probably battled feeling sorry for myself. SO, I am glad God kept me busy. All that to say, I think you are doing the best thing by staying focused on the tasks in front of you and it sounds like a fulfilling life to me. (I'm sure Podcasts help) Thanks for the encouragement too. I do plan to teach next year as well. I'm looking forward to it but would rather not think about it till August. :)


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