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Go With the Flow

You never know what a day will hold.  This is true for everyone. 

Being married to Bruce though, makes it especially true.

Thursday morning, I left for work and he left for his first day out with the sail boat.  Thank God he took a sailing buddy with him. 

 The day was filled with obstacles for him.  Learning curves are like that as we know.  Long story short, putting up the main mast was more difficult than he anticipated so half way through the day he made the decision to rent a slip for the boat at Bayview, a marina at the other end of Pend Oreille Lake.  

Late in the afternoon I call to find out how things are going.  He tells me all that has transpired and asks me if I could leave right after school and meet him at the boat dock in Bayview.  He bribes me with dinner out at the docks.  What woman in her right mind would turn that down?  Visual reminders of dirty dishes, piles of laundry, and sticky floors floated through my mind but I put a lid on that thought and sat on it.  

We left Bonners Ferry with sheets of rain falling and the wind blowing.  Bruce said previously they had been seeking wind all day to no avail.  I wonder if they have it now as we pull out of the driveway.

It takes me and my girls an hour and a half hour to locate the boat docks, thanks to my phone and GPS.  We arrive at the right dock just as he is wandering into the area.  

The friendly people at the marina helped us find the slip Bruce decided to rent for the season.  We meandered the docks; a small village all its own with houses on floats.  It felt like we were in a different country, the potted plants of geraniums in front of doorways and the smell of fresh water.  Slime and moss clung to  the piles under the surface of the water and mallards preened themselves in the late afternoon sun. 

There was just the perfect amount of space to let them glide in be tween the houseboats.   The evening was so pretty... I forgot about trying to wrap up school and the piles of laundry at home...

I had to pinch myself several times because of the excitement.  I think I am really gonna love this new endeavor of Bruce's.  

While I can never really predict my days with this man, I am learning to go with the flow and realizing just how much a person can do and enjoy all in one day.  And my spring salad with grilled shrimp was pretty good too.

And Friday morning?  Well, the work at home was still here of course. It was a little harder to get the school day going, but I do not regret living the crazy day before it as full as we did.

Happy Weekending to you...