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Saturday At My House

It didn't occur to me till after school yesterday, that I have a weekend in front of me...I'm quick sometimes... Anyhow, I had suddenly somehow gotten through a most grueling week to discover...a weekend.

I found this saying in a fortune cookie before I started teaching:  Be calm, like a giant tree in a storm.  That's me.  All the way... Ha!

This is what I do on the weekends squeezed in among the other normal things like baking, laundry, and ironing.  The report cards came home for revision because some of my more discerning and detailed students found mistakes.  Can you believe that?  The top one of the stack, looks as if a truck drove over it. I made this comment in the class room on Friday and the student to whom it belongs said, "It did."  I have convinced my students that I am smart about somethings.  At least about how report cards get banged up.

I think that I enjoy the domestic parts of life more because I don't get to do them everyday of the week.  Every weekend, I get to decide what groceries are going to get us through the week.  Some weeks we wing it and eat whatever I pick up on the go.  Both of these baked items are gluten free mixes from a box.  It is less expensive to buy a bread mix than to buy the bread already made.  Sometimes I want to feel like I had a hand in my prepackaged foods, I guess.

Earlier this week, I mentioned getting through the dark of winter...This windowsill and these particular plants are certainly helping.  Two are birthday gifts, reminders of friends that love me.

Thank you Jo Anna, for this one. See, I did have the perfect pot.  This dish of white with green brings me endless joy.  Do you think I might be a bit shallow? Never mind.

And of course, a really good weekend involves being able to read.  However, what I am trying to share is the pom pom bookmarks, which is one of the things we did for art class on Friday.

  The other thing we did was to decorate cupcakes.  That was fun too but quite messy.  Also, they were devoured as fast as they were decorated.  There was no reverence given to the newly dressed cupcakes, no moments of silence.  There was a lot of attention given to the sprinkles that looked like BB's.  A few students asked to take a few home to try out on their BB guns.  Permission was granted.  Do I care if they want to blow up sugar via their BB guns? And possibly ruin their guns?  Nope.

This week, we dealt with mind blocks, temptation to cheat, and sheer laziness.  We talked about how horses fear water but will learn to go through it if guided.  I compared this to long division and other things they find 'too hard'.  They seemed to see the parallels.  

Have a good rest of the weekend...Next time I will probably bore you with deep thoughts...


  1. Why deep thoughts next week? This post is perfect. I like it. Cracked me up, but then I'm not terribly deep. So go figure. :) Love you. And I DO like that little "I'm not a robot" box I get to fill on your comments. :) See, I'm so silly. That thing cracks me up, too. Two chuckles.

  2. Deep thoughts next week, are just a warning of what probably is... because no matter how much I try to avoid the vastness of my deep, I am usually accused of it with my thoughts on a regular basis. It is always a relief to me when I can make someone laugh in-be-tween those times. Ha!

  3. Love your posts. I am curious about the pom pom book marks. Did you make a crochet chain or braid the part that goes in the book? Krysta teaches art in school. Maybe she will like this idea. Dawn

  4. We just tied an extra string on to the pom pom. I watched a you tube video to see how. There are scads of ideas there.


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