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Forty... Which I AM

 Life and being married to this man, leaves not one dull minute... Last Monday, I was sinking into Despair and Gloom with the Darkness of Winter.  Bruce suggested we get away.  I snorted and said, "How?" or maybe I wailed it.

  After all, I am a teacher, he is a busy man both in school and in the ER.

By Thursday, a substitute teacher/teachers materialized, tickets to Seattle had been bought, and a trip was planned.  So, without further ado...we were on our way.  We drove and parked our car at the airport in Spokane, after which, we strolled leisurely to our gate and ordered Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate.  We mostly sat quietly together, soaking up the act of doing nothing.  And we snuggled like honeymooners, while looking our age.  

 In Seattle, we sat and ate lunch next to the glass wall stretching up and up and out and out.  There was a guitar player strumming and crooning his tunes, while  airplanes flew by the window.  The mix of cultures and atmosphere seemed so refreshing to my writer's muse.

 We took a smaller plane to our destination...I can't remember the name of our destination...Anyhow, we sat right over the wing.  I was mesmerized with the blueness of the sky, layers of white clouds and that propeller so near our window.  This photo looks nothing like what my naked eye saw.  My camera thinks it is smart and takes away all the fun...

This is what Bruce got me for my fortieth birthday.  Not really for me.  For him actually, to do lots of driving to and from school this year.  But it made a very good birthday get away and it seems extremely funny to me for some reason.

I think we fit all the standards of middle age here...

We did not go up into the Space Needle this time so you get a distant picture instead.

We walked through Pikes Place Market, which I totally loved... Although the smell of salmon was quite strong mixed with spices and incense and fried food.

These guys were literally throwing fish across the room filling orders in a very strange fashion.  I noticed that describes a lot about Seattle.  The "differenter" the better...

I love this moment... I waxed poetical and thought of a title.... What I Saw Through Glass... or some such like... That was me being differenter than even a Seattlite.

For lunch we ate at the Crab Pot.  SO good and very messy business that...

I could've sat at that window all day, soaking up the sun, eating fish with my fingers...

These are the two items I bought at the market.  A pack of cards by local artists and a box of incense sticks called - Patchouli Forest.

 That is all for now...
 There was so much more.
 It was the best trip ever
 And made me
 Feel twenty or thirty
 But definitely not FORTY...
which I am.


  1. Forty is better than either twenty or thirty. I know what I'm talking about.

  2. Thank you big sis, So far it has been good... Other then the fact that I am having stomach cramps from too much shellfish and am still in my p.j.'s. Thank God I took the day off!

  3. I shared this link on my husbands fb timeline. Just as a reminder that we're due for a break soon too! Hehe.... Happy 40th to you! I've got thirteen months yet! Love.

  4. Aw. That was a well deserved break. Now may the memories brighten your tomorrows when you DO feel like 40....:)

  5. You turned FORTY?! Why does that make me cry? You look really lovely standing beside that car!! And it being your 40th birthday gift! I'm starting to think you chose your life, and you are loving it! That is the best gift 40 can bring!

  6. Oh what a marvelous account of a very special moment in time! Shilah you are such a ray of light even during those times you believe to be in shadow. Thank-you for the blessed words you share and the very unique peek into very special lives in which the lord dwells. Blessings for a loving and committed couple who even in middle age, haha! know what's important. You by the way are a gorgeous 40! I can promise it just gets better and better! <3

  7. Thank you for those kind words...I wonder who you are?

  8. Glad you could have that little get away! Forty isn't nearly as old as it used to be! :-) Hopefully sometime soon we can actually do something like this for a belated 30th wedding anniversary! :-)


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