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Christmas Prayers

  Everlasting Father...
  Please be with my friend tonight
  As she travels in the dark.
  I pray for her safety on the road
  And in the sky.
  I ask that the transfer of exchange/ foster child goes smoothly.
  I ask boldly...
  That accommodations are made
  So they can get rest and...
  Return safely to their family.
  I pray my friend's heart
  Will be comforted
  If things do not go smoothly;
  That she will still know
  You are in this miracle and...
  You ARE her Everlasting Father...

  Wonderful Counselor,
  Give wisdom to the parents of the wayward daughter...
  Help them to rely on YOUR council
  More heavily than anyone else's.
  I thank You that You give directions just in time.
  Help us to all rely more heavily on YOU...
  Than on anything or anybody.

 Prince of Peace...for the family who has just found out a diagnosis of cancer...
 YOU are the Prince of Peace in the middle of bad news,
 Especially in the middle of bad news.
 Be that to them tonight...
 We need YOU.
 We need a
 Wonderful Counselor,
 An Everlasting Father,
 A Prince of Peace.


  1. Prayers from here too. And prayers for you too. For a good vacation and merry Christmas!

  2. Do we know the family that got the cancer diagnosis? :-(


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