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That's Not What I Meant

How does it happen? I wrote it all down so clearly, what I felt and how I thought. I also wrote it with deep conviction, which was based on real life experience.  Isn't that evidence enough of saying it like it is?

It really should not be that complicated. Simple truths are usually boring and uncomplicated, yet it seems people are more quickly interested in intricate and original.  Pretty often, I even find myself thinking, That is so early 90's. Or as King George says on Veggie Tales, "Those are yesterday's duckies". 

I'll be honest, I get a little sideways when someone explains the circumstances in such interesting detail and in an annoyingly bold way.  It is aggravating, when you are a writer and write the things you do because it was lain upon your heart as simple truth.  You felt you should not be ashamed to share the truth of the gospel by with holding words, so you did and they were full of empty.

Such a real struggle of life, this saying what we really mean.  It is doubly as hard to live what we really mean.  How often and how easy it is for others to not see or not hear what we really meant.

Grace, Father... Help me to listen better to what they meant and to hear what they really were trying to say.  Help me, to give them the grace that is needed to really hear their hearts.