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I have a thing for words.  I take them apart and dissect them more than the normal person would. This one is no big deal, it's the same word as "blessed" in English, but I look at it and think, "Good Adventures"... And then I think of the times blessed is used in the KJV in verses.   Blessed are the peacemakers take on a whole new meaning.  In other words, good adventures to the peacemakers.

Now, we all know that isn't truthfully how it is.   It doesn't exactly sound like a great adventure to the one who has to find a way to be the peacemaker in a sticky situation.  Yet, something has me stuck here; the thought is intriguing.

I think of all the women in my Sunday School Circle this Sunday past.  We took turns reading the lovely words of Scripture. I wanted to simply close my eyes and soak in the many diverse styles of reading, the falterings that come with a child on the lap, squirming.  The inflections of the older ladies, their voices worn and warm with years of experience, these glimpses make me think of bienaventurado or blessed and actually again, good adventure.

I know, I know, this is thinking way too hard.  Just bear with my sentiments, I felt this deeply.  How often, we as women go to church and to our places of work, without a thought of the fact that we are blessed or are having a good adventure.  We just do what is expected. We do our jobs.  We do them well, with no thought of praise. We even do all this, at times, quite empty of joy.

But if I look at those ladies as unique individuals that are on a great adventure, I can relate to their tired eyes, halting or smooth reading of words, depending on their circumstances of wriggling bodies smashed against their hearts or moving out of a house they have lived in for the last 20 years.  All of them are letting go of pieces of their hearts, every day, because that is what we do... and we call it  bienaventurados.


  1. Yes. I certainly have been having some good adventures lately.


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