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What The Kids Are Teaching Me

I promised myself I would not write about the children, the ones I am teaching, I mean. I am a mom myself.   To have someone observe, judge, and comment on my own dear flesh and blood would make me feel as if someone had invaded my privacy. So, am not gonna do that.

But you don't want to read my journal. Some things are just too funny to not remember by writing it down. I am sure some of the things those kids say would be a perfect back drop in stories later. And maybe much later it won't matter so much, like five years from now. Maybe then I can tell you a few funnies.

Anyhow, I will just say that children amaze me. I have often been amazed by my own talented, smart, funny, and cute kids, but when you have 16 in a small classroom, there is a bigger possibility for even more amazement.

Kids, at school, get the whole concept of working hard to accomplish a goal. They do it every day. If they don't get their work done at school, they take home schoolwork . Some learn so fast and easily, they run out of work and could do mine too. Those, get to learn about grace and kindness in a way others might not have to. They also get to practice being still and listening to others.

 The kids that work the hardest quite often make the worst grades scholastically, but the way I see it, they are the champions. They work extremely hard to keep up, yet rarely get an 100% or even a 90%.   They see such little reward for their labor in the school books, but I am sure they are the ones taking home life's lessons on endurance, patience, and courage. Those kids, make my heart bleed with their bravery and cheerful attitude. They, help me see the good in doing my best when it's not nearly as good as someone else and will never be. They, know about accepting the way things are and to still keep doing their best.

And that is only after two weeks... What will I learn in a whole school year?