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The Plan

 I have been asked many times in the recent weeks, how I plan to be a mom, wife, and school teacher?

The answer is: I don't know. One day at a time. Crock pot meals and one, old, favorite cookie recipe.

And my kids. They have already helped me a ton with the household chores and preparing the classroom.

My mom-in-law, gave me this cookbook a couple years ago; I finally plan to put it to use. Today we tried the African Chicken Treat...
     It was OK... As crock pot meals go... I tend to like my food less crock pottish, more fresh and crunchy and much less mushy... if you know what I mean.
Frozen vegetables are kinda pretty I guess.                                                      

My helpers of laundry, dishes, and cleaning... 

  And now, because I am not a food blogger, and because I can, I will share my secret for the best :  CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES EVER... according to my husband, anyway. I have had 18 and a half years of experience in making they must be about right.
  There it is... as basic and simple as can be...
 because this matters, let me tell you how... put the first four ingredients into the bowl... mix only a little, till barely mixed.
  Again, because this is important, put in the soda and salt, turn on the mixer, and as quickly as possible add three pretty full cups of flour and the whole bag of chocolate chips. Mix only till incorporated. Over beating makes these cookies dry and cake-y.
    The batter is stiff... like this...If there is a kid around, they will nab those chocolate chips out faster than you can blink. And then I tell them what my mom told me when I was little. "Don't eat raw cookie dough, you might get worms." Which as far as I know, is an untruth.
 Makes four dozen exactly...
 Bruce says they are perfect if they look like this... I don't eat them... but I'll take his word for it.
 So, we will make these probably twice a week...
 Toria hard at work at my desk...She will be a big help after school...
 Shaunti is super excited about calling me Mrs. Hartman...
That's the plan...that, and lots of prayer, a little faith that God has it all covered, and expecting reality to keep happening... Blessings...


  1. This makes me so happy for see! I'm a mom and teacher and wear all those hats too. If I can do it anyone can do it! I'll be praying and cheering for you from afar!

  2. I like your articles a lot Shilah, your kids will help and get tired of helping too but keep on. The comment that came to my mind but sounds rakish, "go for it big 'momma'! The real comment of my heart is God bless you all, big time! Grandma Ruth

  3. About the african chicken treat? I made something kind of like this the other day with a whole chicken in the crock pot. We shredded the meat and served it with rice and black beans and tortilla's. Not the greatest hit in the house here either. I agree about food not tasting quite so crock pot ish! Good luck on your adventures with it. And do share about the success ones. Zerrick makes the cookies here. His are world renowned good too. Our recipes are very close. We must be sisters.

    1. Amy I actually thought this was your recipe!:) we girls use yours all the time! And Shilah, God bless you as you go into this school year!:) I'm sure you'll do wonderful! praying all goes well!


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