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Stretch Your Faith

    I remember a time not too long ago, I longed and sought for a little piece of easy.  I was tired of the striving and 'the hard' of life.  I just wanted a breather, the kind you feel when you get to the top of a mountain after a good, hard climb.  If it couldn't be easier, I wanted it to at least, feel less painful.

    It seems as if some people naturally seek the easier path, while others seem to search out the harder, more challenging way.  Sadly, I have always been the seeker of the easy path, until I began to discover the rewards in searching out what is hard and challenging.  No, I am not going to say what the rewards are, they are personal and not worth your time, but I have a pretty good inkling everyone will have a different set of rewards and challenges, so... You get to pick your own. You know what you need to work on.

  - The way to get from one point to the other is to realize that good will come out of 'this hard', whatever it may be.
-  Learn to say "Thank-you. God!" and mean it, when sideswiped with 'hard'.
- It sounds kinda earthy and new age-y, which is not what I want to sound like, but learn to embrace the difficult.
- Embrace it in a Godly way, by stepping out in strong faith with the deep knowing that God is the God of all.
 - He knows every little detail of 'your hard'. He knows what His intent is in allowing it to be there, even if it feels like a pebble in your shoe.
-God has walked before you... He cleared the path for you to walk on... Just go. Quit waiting for the right circumstance and the right weather.
-Move forward, never looking back longingly, at easy.  If God wants you to reach a patch of rest; He is gonna provide it just in time. HE ALWAYS DOES IT RIGHT!
-Be thankful all the time. I know. I said that already, but it is really the biggest boost of all, as well as a command straight from the Word of God. Being thankful takes away anxiety, relieves headaches, and brings peace.  It also brings surrender and worship to God for what HE wants to do in your heart.

What are some things that are challenging your faith?  Did you tell God thank-you?



  1. I read this soon after you posted. I didn't like it because I'm tired of hard right now. Somehow though I think you've written truth. I came back to read it again tonight. I think I struggle to believe that God has good in mind for all of the hard stuff we face. I struggle to be thankful for the journey. Still pondering.

    1. I'm sorry for your hard Lisl, I didn't write this truth glibly. It is something that I have learned the hard way. And I am not free of emotional pain ever; it seems to follow me around. However, being thankful has brought me a deep source of inner joy and peace in spite of my ups and downs. Love you girl, keep the faith...

  2. Yes.....and no pain is ever wasted....there is a difference between being broken-hearted and being broken.....some things I have been pondering....


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