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Meek and Quiet Chatty Catty

Recently, my husband and I had an argument.  It was over words.  I use too many of them.  He uses a few as well, but only on important subjects like: work, vehicle problems, schedules, appointments, things like that.

My words are usually about anything hinging on relationship. This can be: the kids, my friends, school, co-workers, life's lessons, something I read, how I felt about something I read or saw, the kinda thing that makes a man yawn and say: "blah, blah, blah, can we please get to the important part now?"

He is usually quite kind to me about all my needs to use these words and describe the things of the  heart, and to bare all, the poor guy. But, this time, not so much. And it wasn't going to get better or go away, this conversation with no end, simply because, there wasn't time.

Truthfully, I flopped around like fish outta water trying to get air, figuring out this dilemma. It drove me to my knees and back to 1 Peter 3.  I about have that chapter engraved on my heart, I've been plunked down there so often, but I did find something new to me.

My ornament of a meek and gentle spirit, is in the sight of God of great price, and it begins in the hidden man of the heart. Well, I didn't really think I had been donned lately, with any ornaments of either meekness and gentleness in my need to use words, so that smote me, just a bit. And then, the rest of the week I thought about what the hidden man of the heart truly is.

Not that I really figured it out, but I do think it means something about what shows up when I feel especially like a Chatty Catty.  I know this: the stuff that is buried deep within, comes out in the most inopportune ways sometimes, and that if I can learn to be honest and gentle at the same time, then, truth will be laced in my quietness.  These qualities will shine on their own without my usage of meaningful words. Now, tell my hidden man of the heart.


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    1. Really? It was supposed to be funny.

    2. Well yes, it was that too. In spots. but I'm kinda sensitive right now. It was a good post.


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