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Random Catch All

Written late at night:
I don't know where my husband is. Should this bother me? I know where he went at six this evening. When this happens, when it gets late and he doesn't answer his phone or respond to a text, I know he is out either fighting fire or doing an ambulance run. I breathe in and out and tell myself to stay calm. I pray first of all, selfishly for me, that I still have a husband. Then, I realize the need is more urgent than me and pray for the people who are having the "real" problem. I learn more about giving and compassion if my attitude is right.

There is goodness among the bad and busy. One morning, the kids and husband sat in the hot tub while I brought them breakfast on a tray. I sat in a lawn chair nearby and drank strong coffee and enjoyed the morning sun.

This week we spent a day  two days canning green beans and two days canning/freezing applesauce. I won't say here how much applesauce was done. It's too much. I will tell you my hands are gray with broken nails and chapped and sore. We also spent an afternoon in the pool and grabbed fast food one evening in the middle of the mess.

NOTE TO SELF:  my pedometer numbers don't move while canning; I feel totally and completely exhausted by the end of the day and find I didn't really exercise.

ANOTHER NOTE TO SELF: I have never canned green beans and applesauce in the same week before.

My social life is at an all time low. I called a friend the other evening to make sure we were still friends. HOW does one socialize while doing all the other gazillion things we do? How do people find time to blog and update their facebook? I am people and I am blogging... hmm...

I am having actual nightmares about teaching school. When I wake up, I convince myself I can handle it. I have a husband that says, "You totally can handle it", three or five friends that encourage me and believe in me, and a few people that give warnings and cautions. I appreciate all of this, but it really doesn't change facts. I'm apprehensive. And anxious. And excited in a weird way.

In other news: One Sunday morning, we went downtown to the alley and took family photos. They are self timed and not very professional, but they are so us and it is now a very good memory. I will share a few with you...

Happy Weekend!