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A Literary Journey

Earlier, this summer, I read, "The Mocking Bird Next Door", a book written by a reporter lady who lived next door to the real Nelle Harper Lee. It was a great story, getting inside the reasons and facts of why Miss Lee only wrote the one book. I had always been intrigued why an over the top successful writer would write only one book? I wondered things like: Did she continue to write privately? How can you quit writing when what you have written has been so widely received by so many people? And then there is that other book that is claimed to be hers, but the fact of which she has claimed, she never wants to be published again. Did someone publish that other book without her agreement? Do you know what her biggest reason was for not wanting to publish another book? After her first and only best seller, she felt she could never live up to that success ever again. NOT a very good reason in my opinion. So what if her other stories would not have hit the best sellers lists? Why did it matter? Wasn't one good success story enough? If everyone would stop doing the one thing they are good at... Imagine our good life then.  Try to find out the truth about that author and you will play a game of ring around the Rosie. You will find the great mystery only deepens and the story changes from time to time. A lot of the confusion is blamed on deafness, signing papers of agreement without knowing their content, and on old age.

Last summer, I braved all the fear of what if I am rejected, and contacted Jamie Langston Turner via email. I loved her writing style and wanted to hear her story. I was wondering if she had another novel coming out soon. She responded right away and we have been keeping up since. She is one of the kindest people I know. I hope to meet her one day. She prodded me to write if that is what I like to do. She questioned my reservation on the matter and asked questions that made me take a closer look at my motives. Long story short, she has been an inspiration to me this past year. She encouraged me by saying that I express myself quite well and to continue.

I have Jan Karon's newest book home from the library right now. I love her style as well. I think that Cynthia must be Jan in real life. Authors do these things you know, they write about what they have experienced and people they actually know.

Recently, I was asked to teach school in the fall, 5th and 6th grades. I enjoyed my one year at home writing away all the winter months; I was looking forward to doing that again. Sometimes, God has different plans though. Giving up writing is a really big deal to me. Through writing, I have sorted through life and have felt more solid, stable, and freer of emotional pain. I will miss it. I will still be writing, for that is what I do. But, I wondered how this is all going to work out? I have this one book I am in the middle of and felt the urgency to complete this winter. I asked Jamie her opinion. She was very open and honest with me. She too has taught school. She told me, "You are young, you will have time later. When I was teaching, I did not write anything other than a school play." She recommended I not try to do both. She also mentioned the learning that I myself will enjoy and how invaluable it will be when I am able to write more stories.

Writing and stories is no big deal to normal people I know, but I have never felt normal. ALL this to say, I am putting my stories on hold... I don't know when I will get back to the Yarn Shop Tales,or if I ever will. Thank you for the letters of encouragement and interest in reading my stuff. It was fun and has been a great learning experience for me.

My blog may be a little quieter and on different subjects, but I do plan to keep writing a bit here when the bug bites. Does anyone have tips about school teaching? I need Art project ideas, bulletin board ideas, and music/songs to learn.

 Whatever you choose to do today, GO WITH GOD.

Disclaimer: I know without a shadow of a doubt that I, in no way, am comparable to the authors I mentioned above. They are actual, real authors. Me? I am just a writer that has never been published :) I write for peace and enjoyment. Authors write for pay, as well as peace and enjoyment!


  1. I don't know anything about being an author. I just scribble. But you at least write. Since I just scribble, is it necessary for me to explain what I mean by that? Someday I'll write. Being an actual author seems pretty big to me though. Anyway, what I REALLY wanted to say is that I wish there would have been such a thing as Pinterest when I was teaching school. I'd search it for bulletin board ideas, math ideas, any ideas having to do with school...I was just thinking about kids music too. I don't know what I listened to when I was a kid, Cathedrals I guess. But Dru has been introducing us to what he listened to as a kid. Me and the kids are listening to Patch the Pirate and Psalty the singing song book. I truly struggle with the story lines and exaggerated acting, but a lot of the music is really good. Especially Psalty. Then there is Ant'shillvania--and that is just plain cleverly written and fun all the way through.

    1. Thanks for that. Of course, Pinterest!. And Aut' Shillvania you mentioned? I have never heard of that but will check it out.

  2. I did praying around the world with my students back in the day. They can do a little report about a certain country and learn about it's religion and pray for that country every devotion morning. Or just pray around the states....learning about the latest events and laws being passed and praying for our government. I know it sounds complicated. But I think this kind of thing is important in our times now. I am considering Ps. 33 for our next Bible Memory passage. Art is a major pain for me so I'm super glad for pinterest. But if you have lots and lots of boys they might like science type projects. I found a three book series called Weapons of Mass Destruction and it's all about making darts and airplanes and catapults from house hold things. K absolutely loved it but they were a little hard for him. The little spit wad shooter is genius. About Bulletin boards. They're a pain. A good school store sells awesome posters. Those are easier. But you're super creative so I'm coming to your class room for ideas ASAP. About Music? I WISH I had a piano!!!!!!!!! I'm getting my head going on fixing up my class room too and making home school feel exciting too. SO SO SO thankful for Abeka DVD!!!!!!! Good luck! You're gonna LOVE it. God Bless.

    1. Your ideas made me very tired. That's just it, when it comes to bulletin boards and art projects I'm not so very creative. argh! Thanks for trying tho...


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